Sustainable Programs

Determining how to optimize a system requires a high level of technical skill. In addition, once an energy efficiency project is completed, the energy savings are often not sustained due to changes in personnel and production processes. The key to success is applying the best available energy efficiency technology and management practices.

Sustainable energy program management requires:

  • An energy management team led by an energy coordinator with strong management support
  • Policies and procedures to promote energy efficiency
  • Projects to demonstrate continuous improvement in energy efficiency
  • Monitoring and measurement to document achievement of annual energy efficiency goals

Energy Benchmarking Services

    Our Energy Benchmarking services refine the energy audit focus and scope for your facility making your decisions objective and information driven. Through this service we provide support for:

    • Change measurement and tracking
    • Customized best energy management practices
    • Industry “type and size” comparative analysis

Strategic Assessment Services

    With our Strategic Assessment services, we help you uncover all aspects of your facilities that impact energy efficiency ‚Äď currently and in the foreseeable future. With our support, customers have:

    • Improved management practices for energy, focusing on the priorities set by the team
    • Streamlined, consistent and effective data acquisition, processing and analysis.
    • Identified and evaluated the economic viability of the high priority energy conservation opportunities that meet financial targets and business objectives
    • Incorporated available demand-side rebate programs for financial benefit
    • Taken timely corrective actions to manage energy usage
    • Tracked continued progress on an ongoing basis

Technical Services

    Our technical services can be broadly classified into these categories:

    • Systems Modeling: We model systems such as combined heating and cooling and pasteurizer systems to simulate various operating conditions, understand performance, evaluate opportunities and predict energy usage.
    • Operations Assessment: We develop quantitative energy benchmarks for tracking energy efficiency to achieve realistic improvements in energy efficiency.
    • Implementation Services: We help implement energy conservation measures by providing technical support for ensuring continuous improvement.

Shut-off and Turndown Efficiency Services

    We also develop shut-off and turndown procedures for operations that meet production goals and energy targets.