What is Energy Data Mining?

Data mining is a hot topic these days – and for good reason. Data mining is the process of analyzing large amounts of data from different perspectives to find useful insights. At Graphet, Energy Data Mining is better defined as, “the application of data mining theory and techniques to the energy sector. It is both Descriptive and Predictive and has its own set of constraints”.

Our training services help customers make sense of all the data that can be used to impact energy usage. First, we help customers identify the factors that affect energy usage. Next we provide an understanding of their variability and how they are inter-related. Finally, we explain best practices to manage energy usage variables with data visualization and engineering support.

Who can benefit?

Are you responsible for identifying and implementing energy conservation measures at your site? Do you have the tools and data to justify the changes you are recommending for energy efficiency? When you work with Graphet Data Mining, we help you understand the mathematical and statistical techniques you can use to analyze your site’s energy usage metrics. These techniques empower you to and make informed decisions about equipment replacement strategies, operating set points, control strategies, and a range of other energy efficiency measures.

Key areas of understanding

Got Data - Now What??

Data provides a fact-based understanding of performance and opportunities.  Graphet Data Mining works with your readily available site data to build your team’s awareness of energy usage and opportunities.  We fill gaps in data through temporary monitoring and share the process with your team via workshops, site walkthroughs, data validation meetings and specific training sessions.  Graphet Data Mining continuously strives to live its mission to deliver tools, technology and training for sustainable energy conservation.