Large & Multi-Site Businesses

Drive Site-wide Efficiency

Graphet Data Mining drives a holistic, data-centric energy management process to markets including manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, data centers, warehouses, and food & beverage. We are an experienced team of efficiency solutions providers to both large & small energy users nationwide.

Our energy efficiency services can help you:

  • gain insight into how your facilities are performing as a whole
  • make informed decisions on improving operations for a competitive edge
  • set goals and prioritize energy efficiency solutions for continuous improvement

End-USE Analytics

End-USE Analytics (Energy Data for Utility, System, & Efficiency analysis) is our offering for strategic energy planning for large sites, multi-site corporations and campuses with several buildings on site. We use intelligent data discovery and analysis to focus on the best approaches to:

  • drive energy conservation for large industrial and commercial sites
  • perform comparative analysis with large data sets
  • improve operational efficiencies
  • enhance workforce awareness and training
  • empower energy teams

End-USE is a vendor neutral service for effective decision-making and benchmarking of energy performance.

Analyze, Improve, & Track

We take a structured approach to trending operations data and creating visual results to give you a clear picture of where the highest priority opportunities are within your site.

With Graphet Data Mining, you gain reliable cost/benefit analysis that facilitates approval for capital purchases and resources to implement efficiency measures. Best practices and site-wide efficiency are ensured with benchmarking, trending, and tracking metrics against baselines.

Using data visualization tools we guide energy teams to develop optimal strategies for:

  • system efficiencies, shut off efficiency, peak demand management
  • behavioral, operation and maintenance measures to drive sustainable energy conservation
  • project selection and justification for implementation


We can transform your operations data into key opportunities for savings.


Identify site-wide opportunities.

We provide you with an energy plan at the lowest cost with the best return on your investment.

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Large & Multi-Site Businesses

Graphet has helped over 200 customers nationwide to reduce annual energy usage.

Large & Multi-Site Businesses

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Large & Multi-Site Businesses