Does your facility have a strategy for energy management?

Dayton Power & Light presents

Workshop on Strategic Energy Management (SEM) and Advanced Lighting Controls

July 17, 2018, Dayton, OH at the University of Dayton

Industry Expert Led Training for Energy Cost Reduction

The Ohio Center (OCIEE) is sponsoring a workshop on Strategic Energy Management and Advanced Lighting aimed at improving energy efficiency and operations. These sessions provide energy champions with best practices and methods for monitoring, planning, tracking and impacting energy consumption.

The two-part workshop on “Introduction to Strategic Energy Management” and “Advanced Lighting and Controls” will cover:

  • Benefits and building blocks of Strategic Energy Management (SEM)
  • How to achieve results with SEM at your facility
  • The latest improvements in advanced lighting and lighting system controls

The Strategic Energy Management or SEM workshop features the holistic and data-centered methods for generating energy savings and improving system performance. This methodology is consistent with lean, six sigma, and other continuous improvement approaches.

The afternoon workshop will review the current developments in the field of advanced lighting, particularly the newest approaches to lighting system controls.

Please register and find out how energy champions at other sites are incorporating these approaches into their culture to drive actions for efficiency and cost reduction. There is no cost to attend the workshop and lunch is included.


Mr. Chandan Rao, PE, President – Graphet Data Mining

Mr. Rao has over 30 years of experience in developing energy management strategies and best practices for industry and institutions. His expertise is in facilitating energy teams, establishing standards, and providing technical analysis for complex systems. Drawing on the principles of continuous improvement and organizational change, Mr. Rao integrates Lean, six-sigma and related methods to empower efficiency programs. He has worked with over 300 mid to large commercial and industrial sites to develop and implement plans and track performance.

Chandan Rao

Mr. Wesley Whited, Senior Consultant, Advanced Lighting and Controls, DNV GL Energy

Wesley Whited has more than seven years of experience in the commercial lighting markets, with professional experience in utility program design, new business development, technical problem solving and project management. Mr. Whited has overseen the specification and implementation of many large scale, complex commercial lighting and controls projects, is a passionate advocate for advancements taking place in the lighting industry and has presented on behalf of DNV GL at multiple conferences and utility events. Mr. Whited joined DNV GL in January 2017 and manages all technical inquiries related to networked lighting and controls. He is a graduate of West Virginia University and holds an MBA from Capital University in Columbus, OH.


8:00 – 8:30 Registration
8:30 – 12:00 Introduction to Strategic Energy Management
  • Introduction to Strategic Energy Management (SEM)
    • What is SEM? How is it different from implementing energy efficiency projects?
    • What are the benefits of SEM?
  • Critical Elements of SEM
    • People – who needs to participate for successful SEM?
    • Process – what SEM process is right for my company?
    • Technology – what tools are needed for SEM?
  • Benefits of SEM
    • Best practices for driving energy efficiency
    • Effective use of site data for understanding energy performance
    • Making system and equipment decisions
  • Getting Started with SEM
12:00 – 12:45 Lunch
12:45 – 1:00 Ohio’s Energy Efficiency Programs – Dr. Manny Anunike
1:00 – 4:00 Advanced Lighting and Controls
  • Introduction and Lighting Market Overview
  • Overview of Control Strategies
    • Traditional vs State-of-the-art Control
  • Energy and Non-energy Benefits of Advanced Controls
  • In Depth view of a Networked Control System


University of Dayton
Daniel J Curran Place
1700 S. Patterson Blvd.
Dayton, Ohio 45409


There is no fee for this workshop, but preregistration is required. Attendance limited to 40.
Online Registration:

For Additional Information Contact:

Larry Boyd
Lawrence Boyd and Associates
Lyle Garrison
Dayton Power & Light